Ethos Eights: Smart Cities

Combining ICT with the Internet of Things, smart cities are reimagining urban development. Here are some of our favourites from around the world.

Ethos Eights: Smart Cities

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01. Smart City: Bristol, UK
Project: Bristol is Open

Bristol is Open has multiple facilities that have successful turned Bristol into a smart city; these include, a visualisation facility, network connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) hosting. The 5G, high-speed connectivity provides a unique opportunity for academics and students to conduct experiments at a city scale. 

02. Smart City: Milton Keynes, UK
Project: Community Action: MK

Community Action: MK, encourages the people of Milton Keynes to be engaged and active in their community. MK Community Energy Alliance promotes and celebrates renewable energy initiatives, with a focus on community-owned energy models.

03. Smart City: Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Project: Foodlogica

The city has a specific focus on continuously improving important factors such as, infrastructure and technology, energy, waste and water. Foodlogica, is a project, that links local food, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam through transport that reduces emissions, congestion and pollution.


04. Smart City: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project: The Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen is a city known for exploring smart technologies to handle the challenges of urbanisation and climate change. At least 50% of Copenhagen citizens cycle to their work place, the Copenhagen Wheel encourages the other 50% to start cycling. It transforms ordinary bikes into hybrid e-bikes, learns how you ride and by enhancing your most minute movements to make your peddling more powerful. 

05. Smart City: Barcelona, Spain
Project: ApparkB

Barcelona has many on going responsive technology projects across urban systems including public transit, parking, street lighting and waste management. ApparkB, is a sensor system that guides drivers to available car parking spaces. The app allows drivers to pay for their parking online, but most importantly this app reduces congestion and emission on the roads of Barcelona.

06. Smart City: New York, USA
Project: Trash Track

New York is an urban location tightly connected with advanced forms of technology, energy, transportation, property management and waste and water systems. Trash Track, is an investigation into understanding the ‘removal-chain’ in urban areas. The research team, attached tags on different types of waste in order to track their journey through the disposal system. The wireless monitors, report the location of each piece of rubbish to a central server so citizens can view the journey on a visual map. 

07. Smart City: Dubai, UAE
Project: The Happiness Impact

Their mission is to create happiness, by embracing technology innovation, making Dubai the most efficient, seamless, safe and impactful experience. The happiness metre, is the first initiative in the world that interactively measures people’s happiness on a daily basis, all the metres are connected to a central network to allow the monitoring of services and to ensure that the least satisfied areas are improved.


08. Smart City: Pune, India
Project: Maximum Solar City

Pune aspires to become one of the most livable cities in India by solving its core infrastructure issues in a future-proof and economical way. The maximum solar city project provides a platform for demand and supplies rooftop PV to interact with each other, continuing to find lower prices for citizens at acceptable quality levels of power generated. This initiative will allow the city to benefit from improved energy sufficiency, cost savings for consumers and environmental sustainability.


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