Ethos Eights: Scientific Innovations

Its no secret that we have, at times, taken our planet for granted. Luckily there are a number of fantastic scientific breakthroughs that are helping the Earth, and some of its inhabitants in the process. Here are eight of our favourites...

Ethos Eights: Scientific Innovations

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1. Lucky Iron Fish Project, Canada

Developed as an accessible, cheap solution to widespread anaemia in Cambodia, these clinically tested fish ingots can provide more than 75% of your daily iron intake. For every fish bought, another is donated to a family in need and they are made from recycled iron.

2. Global Fishing Watch, USA

Global fishing watch is a transparency tool designed to prevent overfishing by tracking and mapping the activity of fishing vessels. Their live data map can be used for research by anybody from journalists to governments.

3. Avani Eco, Bali

Using biodegradable plant based material, Avani Eco manufactures a wide variety of traditionally plastic goods – without the plastic. Their products include biodegradable coffee cups and the BioPoncho, an alternative to the plastic ponchos which are ubiquitous in Bali’s rainy season.

4. Bioaquafarm, UK

Bioaquafarm uses integrated farming methods to grow trout and vegetables in a symbiotic ecosystem. Find them at farmer’s markets and food festivals selling produce from their no waste, organic farm.

5. Refil, The Netherlands

3D printing is exciting and innovative, but can often demand large volumes of new plastics making it unsustainable. Refil hopes to solve this problem by creating 3D printer filament from recycled dashboards and plastic bottles.

6. Aleutia, UK

Aleutia’s Solar Classroom in a Box and Solar eClinic are transforming education and healthcare in rural Africa, where it can be difficult and expensive to run computers.

7. TreePlanet, South Korea

Sponsored by businesses and assisted by NGOs, TreePlanet hopes to reverse the effects of deforestation by offering fun games and financial incentives. For every tree that is planted in their user friendly web and app based games, TreePlanet plants another in the real world.

8. Inka Moss, Peru

Inka Moss teaches farmers in the Andean Highlands how to sustainably grow organic Sphagnum Moss. In these areas with low employment, Inka Moss offers a route out of poverty by providing a reliable income.


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