Ethos Eights: Purposeful Books

From makers and manufacturers with a passion and a purpose; to unleashing your potential in the future economy, there’s a book out there to guide you through. Here’s eight of our top purpose-driven reads…

Ethos Eights: Purposeful Books

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1. Do Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more?

David Hieatt
An insight into building a purpose-driven brand, Hieatt reveals the intuitive principles at its heart, and offers advice on how to adapt purpose in your own business.

2. With Love: The Backbone of Britain

Chris Roberts & Rob Evans
A photobook filled with stunning imagery and inspiring stories, With Love documents the stories of makers, producers and manufacturers across the UK.

3. How to Thrive in the Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow’s World Today

John Thackara
Thackara’s book explores the creative ways people tackle timeless needs, including stories of river keepers, cloud commuters and care farmers.

4. Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

Tom & David Kelley
Written by the founders of design company IDEO, Creative Confidence’s inspiring narrative encourages readers to be more productive and successful in their lives and their careers.

5. Building a Culture of Innovation: A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business

Cris Beswick
Exploring the difference between innovation and invention, this book helps organisations join the ranks of those who have refused to accept the status quo and have attempted to do something better.

6. The Story of Purpose: The Path to creating a Bright Brand, a greater Company, and a Lasting Legacy

Joey Reiman
The culmination of 17 years of purpose theory, modelling and application that global giants use, The Story of Purpose inspires readers and equips them with tools and strategies to make their organisation successful.

7. Let my people go surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

Yvon Chouinard
Chouinard is a climber, businessman, environmentalist, and founder of Patagonia, Inc. His book shares the persistence and courage that have gone into being head of one of the world’s most respected and environmentally-responsible companies.

The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do

Jeff Goins
Goins explains how, when our interests and passions connect with the needs of the world, we live for a larger purpose. Full of compelling case studies that encourage readers to live with purpose.


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