A Day in the Life: My Way

In ‘A Day in the Life’ we reach out to thought leaders, business leaders and social entrepreneurs and ask them to share with us an average day in their working life.

This week we spoke to Tito Poblete, head of analytics and market development at Leydn Digital Energy. Leydn Digital Energy is a Norwegian start-up making use of the Oslo Innovation Embassy at the Trampery, Old Street. OIE is a launch-pad for start-ups and entrepreneurs created by ICT Norway to help shorten the gap to international markets via access to desks and network in London.

A Day in the Life: My Way

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What is in store for you today

Drink a lot of ginger tea and chop garlic to boost my system after a short summer break as I get back into ‘work mode’. As a relatively new start-up, there is lots of work to be done. So, structuring my workload every day is essential, as is planning ahead.

What does a typical working day look like?

Go through e-mails and my newsfeed to see if there are relevant things about prosumer- focused electrical storage, micro-society energy savings and renewables. These are key to what our start-up is developing – a digital energy platform and energy storage. So, part of the day would go to planning ahead, market research and business development. Currently, I am also revitalising the geekiness in me by developing our algorithm and doing a lot of coding. So, quite intense and focused.

Are there any sort of personal rituals or routines that you have to undertake before you start work?

I try to do ashtanga yoga every morning. It is such a comforting ritual, especially when getting used to being in ‘that zone’. It turns out to be not just a physical practise, but something more. You enter your own space, just you and your own body and mind being nurtured.

As a team, do you have any group rituals or events per day or week?

No, we actually do not have any. It is certainly great idea. Honestly, I would be very happy for creative suggestions, as we are spread out geographically and work remotely.

When your team come together, is it in a digital sense, or is there still a physical meeting up?

Recently, it has become more in a digital sense. I am based in London, one of the team will be based in China for a few months and the rest are in Norway. Luckily, there are usually cheap flights available during the week, so the flexibility is there for a physical meeting up.

What projects have you currently got on, and what upcoming projects are exciting you?

We are developing a digital energy platform for electricity storage and demands of side management, primarily through smart-home batteries and software solutions to help people save on electricity bills. These batteries will soon become a common house-hold gadget as our society is becoming more reliant on the use of electric power and less on natural gas. We are creating a digital platform for the prosumers market, so that people can store and sell surpluses of their energy to their local communities.

I am very excited about the changes that our society is facing, and excited that decision makers, politicians and multinational companies are paving the way for a more carbon-free world. That is why small start-ups like ours can make a great impact and I am excited about our potential and what Leydn Digital Energy can offer.

How do you measure impact and successes, and how do you celebrate them?

Success comes along at different stages and levels. It is a stepping stone. Each delivery is a success and should be recognised. I, personally, celebrate success by putting on my running shoes, it helps me revitalise and brings my thoughts back to the small things in life.  It creates a balance and helps me greater appreciate success.

What gets you through the day? (Any podcasts, activities, thoughts etc?)

I listen to different types of music while I am working, mainly classical jazz and experimental jazz. I don’t know why, but good ol’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra has helped me calm down during these past weeks of developing the algorithm and coding.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Let There Be Water by Seth M. Siegel. Such a good book about how vital water is for the formation of a state. But mostly, how creative minds and entrepreneurship could lead to a success to create efficient irrigation systems for agriculture, society and a sustainable economy.

What’s your Ethos?

I have been in the energy and trading industry and multi-corporates for several years, I have seen potential industry changers not being made available for energy users. The timing is right with new technologies and measures entering our society and homes over the next few years to make a difference. I believe that a lot of benefits are expected to appear in front of us, enabling us to take part in the sharing of economy, energy and to boost a green shift!

And finally, suggest a better title for this feature.

I think Day in the Life is quite cool as the title for this feature… Hmm, but why not good old Frank Sinatra’s My Way?


Find out more about Tito Poblete and Leydn Digital Energy here: leydn.com

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