Ethos Debate Club #2

Ethos Debate Club #2

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After the success of the inaugural Ethos Debate Club, which discussed the pros and cons of the Sharing Economy and Social Enterprise, we are returning with a new debate focusing on the theme of Alternative Finance.

The set up for the evening is really simple; there are two debates that frame the evening, with two speakers who will put forward opposing views for five minutes each, followed by a short discussion between them, after which the debate is opened up to the floor. Then the night gets really interesting – questions, answers, arguments, disagreements – at Ethos Debate Club, anything goes – it’s a platform to discuss the most important issues of our time.

The first topic to be debated on the evening is ‘Bitcoin’ – the world’s ‘first decentralised digital currency’. Does the anonymity that comes with using the cryptocurrency really outweigh the fact that there isn’t any liability protection for users in the event of their ‘bitcoin bank’ being hacked? Is there a reason why most of the world’s biggest businesses are yet to jump onto the Bitcoin bandwagon? Or is it simply an untapped payment method that will lead the way in years to come?

The second debate of the evening focuses on ‘Citizen’s Income’. Also known as ‘unconditional basic income’, ‘basic income guarantee’ or ‘universal demogrant’; the Citizen’s’ Income is an income granted to all on an individual basis, without means testing or work requirements. This debate explores one of the most important economical issues of our time… Does Citizen’s Income support a self-perpetuating system of income equality by preventing poverty and granting freedom to each individual? Or does it simply act as a disincentive for work?

So come along and get stuck into an exciting evening of deliberating debate.

The Ethos Debate Club takes place at Launch22, Tithebarn Street on 12th November at 18:00.

Tickets for the Ethos Debate Club can be found on the Ethos Eventbrite page.


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