A Day in the Life: Evergreen Insurance

In ‘A Day in the Life’ we reach out to thought leaders, business leaders and social entrepreneurs and ask them to share with us an average day in their working life.

This week we spoke to David Gardiner, founder of Evergreen Insurance. Evergreen Insurance provide corporate, commercial and personal insurance solutions, whilst donating up to 25% of their income back to support wildlife.

A Day in the Life: Evergreen Insurance

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What is in store for you today?

Today I am catching up with several of our charity partners.  As it is the end of the quarter I am calculating the donations that we are able to give back from clients insuring through Evergreen over the last three months – I love the ability to give back and help support those who require it.  We are also looking at other ways in which we can collaborate together, looking at opportunities to increase visibility and generate more Evergreen clients and turn donations back over to nature charities.

What does a typical working day look like?

Our team meet every morning and plan and discuss all activity for the day; making sure that clients are contacted, helping them with their insurance needs. I myself spend a lot of time developing new relationships and planning activity with charity partners whilst also seeking other business connections, specifically with organisations. I am always looking for ways to grow the business and, importantly, help support our natural world.

Are there any sort of personal rituals or routines that you have to undertake before you start work?

With some of the team that would be coffee! I always check the news and social media sites to see what is going on or what has happened overnight, particularly with regards to our partners.  We need to make sure we have an understanding of the work that is happening with our partners and the public in order to have meaningful focused conversations with our clients.

As a team, do you have any group rituals or events per day or week?

Not as such, but relaxing post work and enjoying a bite to eat and a drink always helps.

When your team come together, is it in a digital sense, or is there still a physical meeting up?

We meet face-to-face as much as possible, but if I am working out of the office I will always call the team and see how their days are going, if there is anything new we are working on etc.

What projects have you currently got on, and what upcoming projects are exciting you?

I am looking at opportunities to work with larger businesses and their teams in order to help them with their insurance needs. This in turn helps their corporate social responsibility and consequently can help with securing larger donations for our partners.

We have also just had a short video created about Evergreen which succinctly shows what we do at Evergreen and outlines our mission to help protect the natural world.

How do you measure impact and successes, and how do you celebrate them?

Feedback from clients who are positive about our new approach to insurance.  Excitingly, despite the fact we are a new start up business we are already finalists in the Insurance Choice Awards being held in October – we are in the Best Newcomer category.  Being able to write cheques at the end of the quarter to provide donations back to our charity partners is another great feeling.  I recently visited Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and was delighted to present a cheque for £1000 to help the trust with building their new education centre, we also helped to fund new bat boxes which have been put up around the trusts reserves.

What gets you through the day? (Any podcasts, activities, thoughts etc?)

Striving to do our best for our clients and partners. We see so much cruelty to animals daily through the news and social media.  If by helping customers with their insurance we can in turn help protect nature, wildlife, animals and conservation then it’s a win-win.

What are you currently reading?

A contract!

What’s your Ethos?

Provide a high-quality service through fair and honest trading. Build positive relationships with customers. Help protect the planet and its inhabitants and give back to those making a difference.

And finally, suggest a better title for this feature.

I think a day in the life works well for this feature and would be what I would call it!


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