A Day in the Life: A Jack of All Trades

In ‘A Day in the Life’ we reach out to thought leaders, business leaders and social entrepreneurs and ask them to share with us an average day in their working life.

This week we spoke to Camilla James of Impact Hub Westminster. Part of an ever-growing global network, Impact Hubs are ‘part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community centre’.

A Day in the Life: A Jack of All Trades

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What is in store for you today?

Today I will be writing a newsletter about all our activities taking place this summer, designing a pamphlet, organising a community event and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

What does a typical working day look like?

Everyday can be different. I’ll come in and grab a caffeinated beverage and something delicious from our café to fuel the morning. Then I’ll be at the desk scheduling social media, checking my emails and sending out any information our members need to know. In the afternoon, I could be giving a tour to a prospective member, editing our website, writing a blog or creating a flyer on InDesign.

Are there any sort of personal rituals or routines that you have to undertake before you start work?

I like to escape into a good book or podcast on the morning commute. Sometimes transport in London can really get you down, so making the experience as bearable as possible helps kick off a productive day.

As a team, do you have any group rituals or events per day or week?

We have a team lunch each Thursday where we all take the time to eat a shared dish together. We also have drinks on a Friday evening to unwind after a busy week.


When your team come together, is it in a digital sense, or is there still a physical meeting up?

Our team spend nearly every working day together. We are of course connected through digital channels like Slack, but we are fortunate to be face-to-face on a regular basis. As we are running a co-working space, we need to be visible and available to our members, so working from home is rare. This also means we have become very close as a team, getting on well socially as well as in a work context.

What projects have you currently got on, and what upcoming projects are exciting you?

We are soon to be launching a new Startup Academy, where we offer a programme of training for early stage entrepreneurs as they launch. We’re also running a series of events looking at Brexit and its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals and getting prepared for being a host during Westminster Enterprise Week.

How do you measure impact and successes, and how do you celebrate them?

Success to us is having happy members, supporting flourishing businesses and knowing we are having a positive impact on the local community. We measure this by speaking with our members and gaining their feedback, providing a range of business growth opportunities and brining our members together through regular, informal events. We also work with Westminster City Council to support the issues faced by people living in the borough, and engage our community of entrepreneurs with these. 

What gets you through the day? (Any podcasts, activities, thoughts etc?)

I like to break down my time into chunks, so I have moments of intense concentration broken up with regular short breaks. I find this the most productive method for staying focused and productive, and this also enables me to work on a variety of different tasks throughout the day. I also have a digital to-do-list and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off tasks as I go along.

What are you currently reading?

I’ve just finished re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale and am looking for something new. Any recommendations?

What’s your Ethos?

Have fun, do good.

And finally, suggest a better title for this feature

Day in the life of a jack of all trades…?

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