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On May 15th 2019, over 400 leaders, founders and changemakers will come together for the second annual Impact Summit. One of the countries largest celebrations of values-led business, the event welcomes international speakers who are pioneering new movements and ways of doing business.

Whilst economic and environmental issues are affecting every industry around the world and priorities begin to shift, there are those that see opportunities for a new type of business landscape to emerge.

Hosted in SWG3, a multi-disciplinary arts venue built out of a former warehouse, Impact Summit is amplifying the voices of the values-led movement. The event, now in its second year, has received long-term support from The Hunter Foundation, a philanthropic organisation founded by Scotland’s first home-grown billionaire, and the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has played an active role in supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurship. The annual CAN DO Fest (sister to annual autumn event, Venture Fest) celebrates the entrepreneurial community through a number of events across the country, with Impact Summit closing out the month long agenda.

At Impact Summit 2018, First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced the Scotland Can B initiative, formed by a partnership with B Lab. This is the first nationwide programme of its kind combining a nation’s vision to become a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship with a global movement to drive business as a force for good.

This year’s key speakers include April Wensel, Founder of Compassionate Coding, Simon Coley, Co-founder of Karma Cola, Celia Hodson, Founder of Hey Girls, and John Peebles, CEO at Administrate. Speaking over three stages, they will share their stories and insights into what it means to be a purpose-driven business in today’s world. Impact Summit will also host a group of values-led exhibitors in a market-style hall designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

For Impact Summit, it was important to recognise the different business models available to purpose-driven businesses. The message is: you can be a social enterprise without being a Social Enterprise. All businesses, profit generating or not, have the potential to create positive impact. The Summit has three core themes – Tech For Good, A Sustainable Future and People Behind the Purpose.

The organisers of Impact Summit, FutureX, believe that values-led businesses will be integral to a more socially-driven economy. Impact Summit sits in their portfolio of events and programmes, which include Startup Summit and a Silicon Valley Accelerate programme. FutureX work with entrepreneurial individuals in corporates, governments and startups to provide a toolkit and roadmap for businesses everywhere.



As part of Impact Summit, the #ThisIsImpact19 campaign was launched to publicly celebrate the values-led movement. Everyone is invited to share their examples of impact in action, from flexible working policies to fairtrade office coffee. The campaign was created as a way of knowledge sharing and inspiring each other.





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