The Makers and the City #03 – Make Liverpool

For our third Makers and the City video, we caught up with Liam, Kirsten and Ruby of Make Liverpool in their quest to unite the best of Liverpool's creative community.

The Makers and the City #03 – Make Liverpool

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This instalment of The Makers and the City documents the growth of Make Liverpool over a period of 14 months. Make provide workspaces and tools for professional creatives, hobbyists, and anyone into DIY. We found out about some of the hurdles they’ve had to overcome in fostering a creative community that supports graduate self-employment, and we got an inkling of how they would like to expand.


Camera & Edit – Allan Melia

Interviews – Andrew Beattie

Additional Footage – Josh Mullins

‘Master’ by Blue Dot Sessions
‘Lonely Pub’ by Blue Dot Sessions
‘Budding’ by Broke For Free

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