Spring – campaign journal #04

Spring – campaign journal #04

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There’s little over 24 hours left of our crowdfunding campaign, and we’ve hit our target!

We’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has backed our campaign, and funded Spring – it quite literally couldn’t have happened without you!

The production for Spring is already underway and will be arriving with all of our crowdfunding backers in November; along with all of our other perks. So, if you’re thinking of getting a copy of Spring for yourself, or you want to buy one as a Christmas gift, then now’s the perfect time!

Crowdfunding is always an unpredictable journey – but it’s also an exciting one. And, this campaign has been great. We’ve really loved engaging with people from around the world who have backed Spring. Spring is going to be flying out to Japan, Macau, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and to a plethora of places across Europe and North America.

It’s my birthday today, and, as is normal in these situations, people have been asking what I’d like as a gift. It’s tricky, as I’ve gotten older the less I want – and, I think this applies to a lot of people in my peer group. I’m now looking at things that I need, rather than want. What I’d like the most is to just hang out with a cuppa and my favourite people and feel grateful for what I already have… With a cup of tea from my new tea leaf infusing teapot, which I received as a gift today, as I want to cut out on plastic-infused teabags! Yay to loose-leaf Yorkshire Tea!

Feeling grateful for what you already have is so important, and it’s something that we often overlook as we strive to have more, do more, earn more… We forget what we already have, as we scroll through Instagram influencers living their best lives, and feel that pang of envy or disappointment that our lives might not be in the same place. We often neglect our mental wellbeing, in favour of being something that we aren’t.

Early October marked Mental Health Awareness Week, here in the UK; and scrolling through Instagram that week was a very different place. My feed was full of love, help, respect, understanding, brave and humbling admissions from friends that I might not have realised were struggling with their mental wellbeing; or those who I have never met, who inspired me to become a better person…

Putting pen to paper is a powerful move – whether it be of the digital kind, through an inspiring Instagram post during Mental Health Awareness Week; or, a letter to a loved one – for no reason other than to make them smile; or, a love letter to yourself, because being yourself is the most important thing you can do. Our thoughts and feelings are so easily influenced by the opinions of others, and it’s hard to see which way is up with the number of conflicting views that flood our screens on a daily basis.

With Spring, we don’t promise to have all of the answers, but we hope that we might have some… We hope that we can help you to take that next step, whether it’s in life or work, or more importantly – your wellbeing.

Exactly 23 years ago to this day, it was my sixth birthday. I received a journal; and, I loved it. It was one of those interactive journals, with pages full of questions and lines for answers; boxes to draw pictures in; patterns to colour in; and, blank pages for anything I wanted. I was routing through some boxes at my mum and dad’s house a few years ago, and I found it; as soon as I opened it, the memories of excitement, fun, and happiness came flooding back to me. And now it’s one of my most cherished possessions.

That journal was me, before I grew up and started to be influenced by the world around me, and before I felt any feelings of inadequacy compared to those around me. That journal represents me when I was young, happy, carefree, honest, me. And, I love that me.

So, here’s to getting to know yourself again… To Spring – landing November 2018.

Lucy xxx


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