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To celebrate the new issue, and our new subscription launch, we’ve put together this goody bag for new subscribers. It’s packed with useful – but thoughtful – items you can actually use, grow and wear, including:
• a pair of pretty postcards to send to a friend
• a bookmark to hold your place in the mag – that also includes Post-in notes, so you can make notes and keep track when inspiration strikes
• a vintage pack of wildflower seeds to plant (these are native to the UK unfortunately, so we can’t send them to overseas subscribers)
• a sparky Ethos enamel pin, to welcome you to the community
• a sprinkling of Ethos stickers, to brighten your day (and notebook. And laptop. And fridge.)
• and we’ll plant a tree for every new subscriber
Sign up now to make sure that Ethos drops onto your doormat every six months, and you’ll get a gorgeous goody bag to get you through these wild and windy months.

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Ethos is a magazine for and about people who embrace new and innovative ways of doing business. We cover stories about the most progressive business leaders, their teams, ethos and ideas to give you a unique insight into how they’re changing how business is done.

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