Greener by The Dozen

Greener by The Dozen

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2024, according to the Chinese calendar, is the year of the dragon. A fierce and noble creature, intent on dedicating its life to protecting its hoard of treasures. Stashes of forest-kissed emeralds and ocean-swathed sapphires, more precious to it than anything else in existence. A dragon’s life is reserved for guarding its greatest assets, and it would breathe hellfire down onto any that dared harm its priceless possessions.

But there is no greater treasure than our very Earth, right? With our forests and oceans, jewels in their own natural right, taking hit after hit with pollution and waste, from destruction and ignorance. Now more than ever, we must band together to protect our precious planet – but we don’t need to make any dragon-sized changes to do so.

By making a series of micro choices and tiny swaps in our daily lives, we can amass a goliath impact on this great green and blue of ours. One act at a time. Whether that’s as an entire business, or just you as an individual; one change by one person on one day is still one step closer to our green goal.

A goal to protect our planetary home by making small yet mighty changes right here, from home.

So, for every month of 2024, we are presenting you with a new theme – 12 in total. Each theme will be broken down into several ways we can swap out old habits for greener habits. Easy to achieve daily steps we can take that will help to heal our world.

This isn’t just about green thumbs – but green footprints. It’s time to put on our rose-leaf-tinted glasses and look for any way we can encourage the Earth to blossom again. To be a part of the dream team – the green team. Are you with us?

Kermit was wrong. #ItsEasyBeingGreen

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