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Ethos’s Fiona and Emma delivering our collection to the North Liverpool Food Bank

Our Local hero feature in Ethos 08 shone a spotlight the Beauty Banks, an initiative run entirely by volunteers who put hours of their own time into collecting essential hygiene and beauty products, which are then donated to local food banks and homeless shelters around the country.

Nobody should have to choose between feeling full and feeling fresh, and this is the ethos behind the Beauty Banks. Having shampoo, shower gel and soap – things that many of us take for granted – can make the world of difference to those who can’t afford to prioritise them, over essential food to feed their family.

So, after speaking to The Beauty Banks’ Jo Jones, we decided to start our own collection out of our Northern Lights’ studio, in the Baltic Triangle. And, we were overwhelmed by the response from members of the public, our friends, and family. Straight off the bat, we had dozens of people getting in touch who had raided their cupboards, ready to donate any unwanted and unopened products, and were eager to send them to their new home. Some people went on a Beauty Banks-specific shopping spree, and bought dozens of beauty essentials such as toothbrushes, gloves, makeup and feminine hygiene products. Our collection brought families and friends together in gathering the beauty essentials that would normally gather dust on their shelves.

Ethos editor, Lucy, organising our haul…

On Tuesday 5th February we dropped our haul of 12 crates and bags of essentials (we even had one Ikea bag that we couldn’t lift off the floor!) to the North Liverpool Food Bank, where it will be distributed to those that need it the most.

The work of the Beauty Banks is so important, and we’re proud to be collecting on its behalf in our little corner of the country. If you want to get involved, our door is always open, swing by with your shampoo and we’ll make sure it gets where it needs to be

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