Are you a Better Business Pioneer?

Are you a Better Business Pioneer?

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Celebrating individuals that prove we can all make a difference; the Better Business Pioneer campaign – created by Avery & Brown, and hosted in collaboration with The Better Business Network and OPEN Media UK – showcases the power of positive action.

From CEOs of businesses disrupting their industry, through to dedicated employees who go above and beyond in their day job, they all highlight two very important principles: that all actions – no matter how small – can make a difference and that sharing best practice is critical to encouraging change.

Refusing to feel disempowered in the face of growing climate and social crises, the Better Business Pioneer campaign has four key aims:

1. Celebrating the remarkable
Shining a spotlight on the unsung pioneers who have made environmental and social responsibility part of their daily lives, with their dedication and commitment aimed at inspiring others to follow their lead.

2.Countering climate anxiety
The climate crisis can be overwhelming, leaving people feeling anxious and powerless. But, by sharing stories of those who have taken action already, the aim is to combat those feelings and inspire confidence in a collective ability to tackle the global challenges we face.

3.Showcasing accessible activism
Environmental and social impact, too, often seem daunting. But, by showing that making a difference can be accessible to all, the aim is to make everyone know that they too, can be a change-maker, no matter what their background or resources.

4.Facilitating collective change
Serving as a platform for individuals to connect and share ideas, the aim is to encourage people everywhere to work together on initiatives driving forward positive environmental and social change.

Alongside the initial thirty individuals chosen, which includes our co-founder Fiona Shaw, six of the pioneers are also taking part in a UK wide advertising campaign, with their images popping up on billboards across the country. The Pioneers’ collective expertise covers a wide-range of experiences, from tackling food waste and workplace wellbeing to period care and pet food – with a strong emphasis on storytelling and sharing good ideas. They’re designed to actively encouraging others to nominate further Better Business Pioneers, sharing their reasons why.

Whether it’s a purpose-driven colleague, a passionate employee, or a personal friend who wants to make the world a better place; the campaign is looking for as many people as possible to get involved in celebrating and sharing stories of good practice.

Hannah Cox, founder of The Better Business Network said, “Each small act of awareness, compassion, or environmental responsibility not only makes a tangible difference, but also inspires others to follow suit. It shows that anyone, regardless of background, resources, or circumstances, can be a Better Business Pioneer.

To find out more about the campaign and to get involved by nominating your own Better Business Pioneer, click here. Alternatively, find out more about the individuals featured in the campaign in the Better Business Pioneer Directory.

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