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A Day in the Life: Do What You Love, Don’t Be Afraid to Share

What is in store for you today? Today should be a pretty calm day, compared to yesterday when we had an eight-hour training workshop... Read more

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Good Karma

Karma – the Buddhist and Hindu principle that the sum of an individual’s actions has a direct effect on their future fate, and... Read more

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Giant Leap

Towering more than 30 feet above the city’s streets, Royal de Luxe’s Giants arrive in Liverpool on July 23, part of the city’s... Read more

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Fresh ideas | Free thinking #6

Who are you? I am a bio-dynamic farmer in the Bernese Alps, on the beautiful Hof Maiezyt, working as part of a community of practical... Read more

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24 hours in: Baltimore

“Why Baltimore?”, friends asked. The simple answer was: “necessity”. Several years of under-and unemployment meant I could no longer... Read more

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On May 15th 2019, over 400 leaders, founders and changemakers will come together for the second annual Impact Summit. One of the countries... Read more